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Mr. Doshi demonstrated his ability to give honest suggestions, work within my guidelines and to be a valuable resource on the entire project.
Charles Schramm, Woodies Supermarket, In.

In the 15 plus years I spent as a supermarket operator and four years as a consultant, I can honestly say I have never met a designer more talented (or more enjoyable to work with) than Dinesh Doshi.
Harold Lloyd, H.L. Associates, Va.

They're sincere, concerned, flexible and understanding of a client's needs.
Sol Glastein, Simple Simon Inc. N.J.

Their designs have been like a breath of fresh air... we have been most impressed with their intimate knowledge of the grocery business
Gene Stille, Nugget Markets, Ca.

I am extremely pleased with the design. We have seen sales increase over 20%.
J. William Crowe, Acme Markets, Va.

img1Dinesh Doshi
Let’s take a few steps back before moving forward. I was born in Africa, in 1949 where I spent my first decade. At the age of thirteen, I began studying in Bombay, India, where I discovered a passion and proclivity for artistic expression while attending an art class.

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img2Architect and Designer Dinesh Doshi’s book “The Art & Science of Store Design” takes the reader on a journey through city planning to store design.

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